Names: Elliot, Green, Vert Age: 18
Species: Human-ish Role: Host, split of core
Pronouns: He/him Orientation: Bi
hey there! my name is elliot, but you can call me green, vert, or any kin names too. i'm bisexual and bigender (male and agender) and i'm white and i live in america. my pronouns are he/him. i don't really know what to say about myself other than i'm the guy who sucks. plus i got depression. so i guess i'll list my interests, disorders, and kintypes so you know a little bit about what to expect when you follow me.

my special interests are homestuck, pokemon, the internet and specifically memes (seriously), linguistics, vocaloids and other voice synthesizers, and biology. my other fandoms will fluctuate but generally you can expect me to get into whatever anime or cartoon all my friends are watching.

i'm autistic and i have depression, social anxiety, ocd, ocpd, stpd, psychosis, c-ptsd, and osdd-1b. my symptoms have gotten much better in the past few years since i moved out of an abusive home and found the right medication. i also have crohn's disease which means i'm chronically ill.

my kintypes are, from strongest to weakest:

  • iwakura lain [serial experiments lain]
  • elliot alderson [mr. robot]
  • peridot [steven universe]
  • greg house [house m.d.]

i'm a cocsa survivor. don't ask me about my brother.

Names: Kid, Kirby, Toki Age: 8
Species: Pink puffball Role: Little, split of core
Pronouns: Ey/em, any aux Orientation: Too young to know
kid is our system's child alter, and ey is a fictive of kirby from the video games and anime. ey is an androgyne, and if you can't use ey/em pronouns then any other pronouns are perfectly fine! kid is extremely sweet and is pretty smart for eir age, and i'm sure ey would love to talk to you as long as you already know someone else in the system!

kid is pretty much alright mentally. eir only neurodivergence is autism. eir special interests are pokemon, digimon, kirby games, sanrio, zoology and heavy metal music. a lot of people are surprised by that last one, but it's true! kid's favorite bands are black sabbath and slayer!

eir kintypes are, from strongest to weakest:

  • kirby [kirby games and anime] [fictive!]
  • hamtaro [hamtaro]
  • terriermon [digimon tamers]
  • toki wartooth [metalocalypse]
  • cinnamoroll [sanrio]
Names: Tyler, Red, Nine Age: 15-19
Species: Human-ish Role: Protector
Pronouns: He/him Orientation: Pan
tyler is edgy. like, so fucking edgy, holy shit. on the other hand, he's super nice, so don't let his edginess trick you into thinking he's not safe to talk to. he is very opinionated and outspoken. his gender is ??? and his pronouns are he/him. oh, and he's kid's older sibling. he miiiight be a fictive of tyler durden from fight club, but if you're in a system then you know how blurry the line between kintypes and fictives can be.

tyler likes homestuck, knives, guns, and punk rock, and he's a huge goth. i don't really know which, if any, of those are special interests.

tyler has bpd and psychosis and he hallucinates a lot.

his kintypes are, from strongest to weakest:

  • tyler durden [fight club] [fictive?]
  • mituna captor [homestuck]
  • galacta knight [kirby games]
  • bender [futurama]
  • zim [invader zim]
  • strong bad [homestar runner]
Names: Azure, Alex, Vriska, X Age: 15-19
Species: Troll? Role: Persecutor
Pronouns: She/her Orientation: Lesbian
azure is also extremely edgy, but the difference between her and tyler is that she is not at all nice. she's our stereotypical evil alter so try to ignore her if she ever starts posting. it's actually pretty unlikely that she'll be online at all because only very specific situations can get her to front and she usually doesn't front for very long. she miiiight be a fictive of vriska serket. she's a nonbinary girl and she likes girls and fem-alligned people.

azure likes flowers, the ocean, and dangan ronpa. i don't really know which, if any, of those are special interests.

i'm not sure what exactly azure has, but i'm pretty sure she has at least one cluster b personality disorder.

her kintypes are, from strongest to weakest:

  • vriska serket [homestuck] [fictive?]
  • muffet [undertale]
Names: Jet, Zero, Sable Age: N/A
Species: Robot Role: Logical
Pronouns: It/its, he/him aux Orientation: Aro ace
Jet claims to be completely 100% logical. it can (and often does) feel anger and pride, but it still calls itself emotionless. it really hates humans and can't stand being wrong. it will argue about anything for any amount of time, just to make sure everyone knows that it was right. it is also very arrogant and considers itself "perfect" because it isn't "corrupted" by emotions. if it sounds like an asshole, that's because it is. however, unlike azure, it doesn't go out of it's way to hurt people, so if you consider yourself thick-skinned, then mayyybe you could talk to it? i don't know, he's the second meanest alter, so stay on your toes.

jet likes winning games and being right. it doesn't really have hobbies or anything, but if it fronts and has nothing to do then it plays video games.

jet definitely has ocpd, and i'm not sure if it has anything else.

its kintypes are, from strongest to weakest:

  • the batter [off]
  • trainer red [pokemon (games only!)]
  • chara dreemurr [undertale]
Names: Ash, Argent, Triad, Trinity Age: N/A
Species: Artificial intelligence Role: Logical
Pronouns: It/its, they/them aux Orientation: Aro ace
ash is a little bit like jet, except that it actually doesn't have any emotions, as far as i can tell. at the same time, it seems to want to keep the rest of us safe and happy, so it goes out of its way to act "normal" and not piss off our friends and family. because it doesn't see itself as a biological life form, it has a lot of trouble eating and sleeping.

surprisingly, ash seems interested in ballet. that's all i know about what it likes. when it's fronting and it has nothing to do, it tends to sit and stare at the wall. kind of freaks people out sometimes.

ash has szpd and arfid.

its kintypes are, from strongest to weakest:

  • hal 9000 [2001: a space odyssey]
  • shadow the hedgehog [sonic games]
Names: Cerise, Claire Age: 11-14
Species: Android Role: Social
Pronouns: She/her Orientation: ???
cerise used to be the host. she was completely obsessed with being "normal" and tended to act how she thought other people wanted her to act. she would usually pretend to agree with whatever the person she was talking to said, to the point that she eventually forgot most of her real opinions. she hasn't fronted in a long time, just because the rest of us became more comfortable being ourselves in social situations. she is a fictive of kasane teto.

the only "unusual" thing cerise allowed herself to enjoy was vocaloid and utauloid music. she especially loves hatsune miku.

i don't know what, if anything, cerise has/had, because she has never fronted for therapy.

her kintypes are, from strongest to weakest:

  • kasane teto [utauloid] [fictive!]
  • sf-a2 miki [vocaloid]
Names: Cyan, Boo Age: 16
Species: Ghost Role: Avoidant
Pronouns: He/him or they/them Orientation: Gay
cyan is scared and sad all the time basically. i don't actually know him that well? he's the alter i discovered most recently. he's a ghost and he believes that he lived once before, died, became a ghost for a long time, and then came to inhabit this body. he most likely won't want to talk to anyone who isn't already a friend of someone else in the system, but if you've talked to another one of us before he'll be more comfortable.

despite being easily scared, he's actually really into horror. horror movies, horror games, anything spooky. he is also really into music and video games. his favorite bands are massive attack and the gorillaz, and his favorite games are yume nikki and undertale.

cyan has really severe depression an social anxiety, and maybe avpd.

his kintypes are, from strongest to weakest:

  • napstablook [undertale]
  • boo [super mario bros.]